Friday, November 8, 2013

Current Love: Lola Maxi skirt

My current crush: Lola Maxi skirt and Zara crop Top

(Trying out new apps to edit the picture below) :)

The guy behind is posing too while I took OTD picture, LOL

Top: Zara
Skirt: Lola maxi skirt upcoming on Megagamie   
Bag: Saint Laurent          
Shoes: Pazzion

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Friday, August 30, 2013

My very very first blog post!

This is my first attempt to start blogging, not too sure what to talk about so I guess i will just upload my OOTDs? :) 

First up is my favourite Vintage bareback dress, featuring cute daisies and sexy triangle back. you can get it here if you like this dress. 

Next up is the Bejeweled Playsuit. you might have seen the pictures before cause i have posted it on my instagram before :) 

I think this particular spot at ION orchard has became one of my fav spot to take OTD, haha. 
so more ootd post to come with this spot as background.

Another #ootd post taken while waiting for a seat at Poulèt. was wearing an upcoming skater dress which i really love, not only the cutting but i am deeply in love with the embossed details. :)

 Close up details

and strike another pose again, bwhahaha.

Some of the pics taken from the photoshoot :) one of my favourite shoot.

Another lovely piece that i love from the last photoshoot is this gorgeous lace back dress (actually front as well) heh. Available in 4 colours! Blue, pink, white and black :) 

Isn't it lovely? <3

So My sisters and I visited Poulèt sometimes back cause my sister was craving for their escargot and we ordered few dishes to share. 

This mushroom soup is reallyyyyy good! yumyum! 

Escargot which apparently is one of their recommended dish 

I can't remember the name for this dish but it is chicken with some cream sauce. the chicken is juicy and tender but i can't finish the whole chicken because it is a bit too creamy for my liking but still good nonetheless. 

And tiramisu for dessert!  I am a happy girl! :D 

Alright, I guess it is time for me to get some rest due to my eye irritation. hopefully it will get better before the next photoshoot or else.... :( 

Thank you for reading my blog! i hope it doesn't bore you and I will be back soon with more updates! <3